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i play video games and have to go to school so im not very active because im tired

My favorite cars are Corsa Mephisto SS and Liberty Cobra GST-R got it from achievements.

im a packrat so I play for the cars.

User :
I have been in top teams such as

I get the shop early here :

PR2W ( Pinks R2 Wild ) Got it after 2GOAT1 and still in

2GOAT1 ( 2 Goated ) Dropped out of top ten so I was out.

HVT ( High Voltage Typists ) Left because they dropped out of top 10

L3GACY ( ??? ) Forgot why I left probably because dropped out of top 50

OWL5 ( Owl5 ) Stayed in for a month, was Officer and left after it was out of top 300 ( back in top 50 lol )

RCWS ( Racing For The Wins ) We were in top 50 before it was deleted.

Alright im tired so bye and always remember, we all hate TBZ and stay tired + free nt gold here