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This is a list of unobtainable cars, defined as cars that are impossible to have as a normal Nitro Type player. These include cars that were scrapped, never released, or are exclusive to Nitro Type admins and moderators.

Unobtainable Cars

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Daily Item Shop Cars

Hotdog Mobile Hotdog Mobile 57 large 1.pngShimura 350x Shimura 350x Nizza350 large.pngHydrova Rubicorn Hydrova Rubicorn V3 3 large 1.png

Bozz Strykist 1300 Bozz Strykist 1300 Strykist large.pngBozz EZ Rider Bozz EZ Rider Ezrider large.pngLiberty Redux Liberty Redux Redux large.png

Corsa Mephisto Corsa Mephisto Mephisto large.pngWinson Gator Ayd Winson Gator Ayd Gatorayd large.pngLiberty GT40 Liberty GT40 Gt40 large.png

Blitz MP 427 Blitz MP 427 Mp427 large.pngBlitz R-8.1 Blitz R-8.1 Auttier8 large.pngBlitz Roadster Blitz Roadster Auttieroadster large.png

Fonicci Tricolore 2021 Fonicci Tricolore 2021 Zonday2021 large.pngLiberty Fastback Liberty Fastback Fastback large.pngWinson Linux Winson Linux Linuxelipse large.png

Blitz M2.0 Blitz M2.0 Bimmer20 large.pngMaxxbilt Big Blue Maxxbilt Big Blue 63 large 1.pngFonicci Samsher 458 Fonicci Samsher 458 Smasher.png

Hydrova Howler Hydrova Howler 22 large 1.pngMaxxbilt Mack Daddy Maxxbilt Mack Daddy Nitro Type.pngRange Runner Range Runner 139 large 1.png

Shimura Suprillia Shimura Suprillia Suprillia large.pngKoromoto GXRS 1200 Koromoto GXRS 1200 78 large 1-0.pngVapor Vapor 208 large 1.png

Nitreux Vyrus LR Nitreux Vyrus LR Vyzuadk226 large.pngBlitz GT3 RS Blitz GT3 RS 35 large 1.pngVelocité Goblin Velocité Goblin 190 large 1.png

Liberty Classic Liberty Classic Classic woodie.pngShimura Sprinter '90 Shimura Sprinter '90 Sprinter large.pngKoromoto DJ Cruiser Koromoto DJ Cruiser Djcruzer large.png

Four Leaf Rover Four Leaf Rover Fourleafrover large.pngFlux M400-R Flux M400-R Msg01 large.pngLiberty Warrior NRX Liberty Warrior NRX Roadwarriorrally large.png

Blitz B9 Blitz B9 Auttieb9 large.pngWinson Super Sport Winson Super Sport Bantlyss large.pngKoromoto GT-R Koromoto GT-R Gtr1 large.png

Liberty Stallion Liberty Stallion Stallion large.pngSolar Roller Solar Roller 186 large 1.pngCorsa Tiesto Corsa Tiesto 176 large 1.png

Shock Value Shock Value 184 large 1.pngSprinter '90 Vapor Sprinter '90 Vapor Sprintervapor large.pngThe Hydro Planer The Hydro Planer 212 large 1.png

Koromoto GT-R LS Koromoto GT-R LS Gtr50 large.pngMatchbox Matchbox 156 large 1.pngSomething Wicked Something Wicked 191 large 1.png

Stingtec WaterSki Stingtec WaterSki 31423rsdvdas large.pngLiberty Six Four Plus Three Liberty Six Four Plus Three 116 large 1.pngLiberty Demon XRT Liberty Demon XRT 3214rfdwasc large.png

Lucky Number 7 Lucky Number 7 157 large 1.pngBlitz T8 Roadster Blitz T8 Roadster 32rvascl3 large.pngLiberty Broadwing Liberty Broadwing 200 large 1.png

Shimura Tigreen Shimura Tigreen 205 large 1.pngLiberty Cobra GST-R Liberty Cobra GST-R Doge vipper2.pngFlux Sienna Flux Sienna 218 large 1.png

Corsa Megalodor Corsa Megalodor Corsamegalodor123 large.pngLiberty Wavebreaker Liberty Wavebreaker 199 large 1.pngHydrova Buggy 1.0 Hydrova Buggy 1.0 67 large 1.png

Blitz Cobalt Blitz Cobalt 177 large 1.pngB.O.A.T. B.O.A.T. 126 large 1.pngB.U.S. B.U.S. 161 large 1.png

Winson Evar Winson Evar 216 large 1.pngCreepy Crawler Creepy Crawler 189 large 1.pngThe Overachiever The Overachiever 165 large 1.png

Something Wicked Something Wicked 191 large 1.pngSpaceZ Crew Draco SpaceZ Crew Draco 217 large 1.pngKringle 4000 Kringle 4000 111 large 1.png

Calculatron Calculatron 219 large 1.pngFlux Heartbreaker Flux Heartbreaker 202 large 1.pngH2GO H2GO 187 large 1.png

Flux M300 Flux M300 93 large 1.pngEasy Breezy Easy Breezy 158 large 1.pngFloaty Blue Floaty Blue 125 large 1.png

Wampus' Waffle Wagon Wampus' Waffle Wagon 214 large 1.pngWinson Elise Winson Elise 39 large 1.pngCorsa Iris Corsa Iris Lambouhuh large.png

Blitz V-20 Blitz V-20 Bensv20 large.pngLiberty Glamrod Liberty Glamrod Flamerod large.pngSandstorm Sandstorm 181 large 1.png

Liberty '68 Roadtripper Liberty '68 Roadtripper 68.pngThe Judge The Judge 44 large 1.pngNitreux Vyrus SS Nitreux Vyrus SS 11 large 1.png

Stingtec Electric Stingtec Electric 91 large 1.pngFrosted Roller Frosted Roller 192 large 1.pngHoverbike Hoverbike 221 large 1.png

Pumpkin Hauler Pumpkin Hauler Pumpkin hauler large.pngBlitz R11 Blitz R11 New Outtie R11.png

Daily Rewards/Cruisin' Back Vehicles

Fonicci Tricolore Fonicci Tricolore 73 large 1.pngStingtec Electric Stingtec Electric 91 large 1.pngBlitz R-8.1 Blitz R-8.1 Auttier8 large.png

Nitro Addiction Vehicles

Winson R/T Winson R/T 21 large 1.png

Winning Vehicles

Rocket Man Rocket Man 53 large 1.pngLiberty F-125 Liberty F-125 Largecar90.png

Hitting the Track Vehicles

Typiano Pizza Car Typiano Pizza Car Typiano large.png

Spring Cars

Teggsla Teggsla 149 large 1.pngEgg Beater Egg Beater 150 large 1.pngEggcedes Eggcedes 151 large 1.png

Egg Hauler Egg Hauler 152 large 1.png

PAC Cars

Rocky Roo Rocky Roo 154 large 1.pngNitroPAC NitroPAC 155 large 1.png

Unfinished/Unreleased Cars

Thwampus (No ID)