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The Teacher Portal is a free tool available through Clever or Google that allows teachers to have more control over their students' Nitro Type activity.


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After being "by far the most requested feature by teachers," Nitro Type launched the Teacher Portal on May 23, 2019, for Clever users. Later, it was officially launched for everyone on July 2, 2019. It allows teachers to easily monitor and manage students' Nitro Type activity while also being able to limit certain social aspects of the game.


Real-time Activity Feed

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Similar to the statuses shown on the Friends page, teachers can monitor the activity of online students on the Teacher Portal dashboard, which updates every 30 seconds. It can be filtered to include offline students or students from specific classes.


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Classes can be created to better organize students that are in different class periods. Unlimited classes can be created, and they can also be deleted at any time. Teachers can invite their students by providing a customizable self-join link for their class. Once joined, teachers can view and edit their students' account information, move them to a different class, or un-link them from the portal entirely. Classes can also be paused at any time, which will prevent existing students from logging in or new students from joining the class. An official guide for creating classes can be found here.

In the class settings, teachers can additionally

  • Edit the class name, grade, and period
  • Customize or disable the class self-join code
  • Prevent their students from viewing and sending race emotes in friends races
  • Prevent their students from viewing and posting team status updates
  • Enable/Disable the Class page
  • Send a custom message to their students that will be displayed upon login and on the Class page
  • View their students' last 100 races
  • View every time their students have logged in since their account creation (includes date and browser)


Teachers can run comprehensive reports offer multiple ways to track student progress from the Teacher Portal:

  • Overall - shows progress up to the current date. Filter by class.
  • Races - shows the number of races on a specific date range as well as the time spent, average speed and average accuracy. Filter by class and date range.

Class Page

Class Page.png

If enabled, a private Class page will be available on Nitro Type between the Friends and Team tabs on the navigation bar. This team-esque page will show all of the students/classmates in a class along with their recent activity. Like with teammates, all classmates will automatically be on each other's friends list. They'll have a special icon Classmate.png next to their profile and can only be removed if a teacher removes them from the class.

If teachers have multiple Class pages enabled, they will be prompted to choose a class after logging in. This selection will determine what class is displayed on the Class tab.


  • Teachers are only supposed to see a student's logins over the last 30 days; however, the Teacher Portal seems to show every login following the account's creation.
  • As a result of players abusing the Teacher Portal, the abilities to edit students' user info (first name, last name, email, and password) and view their IP addresses were removed.