Nitro Type Wiki

An example of multiple rewards in a race, after the removal of nitro rewards and EXP.

Logged-in users will receive rewards for racing on Nitro Type. This is the full breakdown of these rewards.

Base Rewards

The guaranteed rewards for each race are:

  • 1st place: $2,200
  • 2nd place: $2,090
  • 3rd place: $1,980
  • 4th place: $1,870
  • 5th place: $1,760

Wampus Bonus

Anyone who beats The Wampus will be awarded an extra $50,000. If they are a gold member, they will earn an extra $10,542.

Accuracy Rewards

The accuracy rewards for each race are:

  • 0-96% Accuracy: $0
  • 97% accuracy: $50
  • 98% accuracy: $100
  • 99% accuracy: $150
  • 100% accuracy: $250

Accuracy rewards are determined by rounding the accuracy to the nearest whole number.

Session Race Rewards

Session race rewards start accumulating at 10 races in a session.

$100 per race is earned after 10 races in a session, plus $10 extra per race for every race after 10 races in a session.

This stacks up to 100 races in a session ($1,000 maximum per race in session bonus).

Friend Race Bonus

Extra cash is earned if players race with friends. It does not matter if the race is a friend race or not. $50 is awarded for every friend in the race, meaning that it is possible to earn up to a $200 bonus (4 other players, $50 per person).

Gold Member Bonus

Gold Members receive 20% more cash per race automatically. This does not include the event rewards (if applicable).

Event Bonus

During the Xmaxx Events, one who raced with an event car would be rewarded 50% more cash and XP (does not include gold member bonus). During the Summer, Hallowampus, PAC, and Spring Events, racing with an event car would reward 25% more cash and XP (does not include gold member bonus either). Summer events used to reward 50% more cash and XP, but this was changed during the 2018 Surf n' Turf Event.

Total Race Rewards

A player can earn up to $91,255 in a single race if they:

  • are a Gold Member,
  • get first place,
  • race with 3 other friends,
  • beat the Wampus,
  • get 100% accuracy,
  • race with an event car on the corresponding event,
  • and are on a session that is at least 100 races.

Theoretically, this is the maximum amount of cash possible in one race; however, this scenario has never happened and will never be possible, considering the following:

  • The bonus for racing with friends was not added until November 2019, 11 months after the previous Xmaxx Event ended.
  • Events are no longer being held, as they were replaced with seasons.

Taking these facts into account, the highest amount of cash that could have ever been possibly been earned in a single race is $90,865 (with January 1, 2019 being the final date this could have been a possibility), and the highest amount of cash that one may currently earn in a single race is $64,080.