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Cars lined up at the beginning of a race

Seeing your race results at the end of a race

The race is the central and most important feature of Nitro Type. In a race, racers try to type a passage or body of text faster than each other. Each racer's position is represented by a car on the track.


There are two types of races: regular races and friend races. Practice races were removed in the v3 update.

Regular race

Arriving at the finish line (on the old track)

The disqualification message

Regular races, known colloquially as the "main track", are public races. When one enters a regular race, their car will show up on the race track. The race track holds five racers in total. The racers can either be real people or bots that come into the race if there are no available people matchmaking in a player's speed range. After that, a few seconds will be given before the race begins. During this time, the text to be typed during the race begins to show below the race track. The length of the text depends on the Words Per Minute, or WPM, of the player, meaning that regardless of speed, the passage will take around 25 seconds to complete. When the countdown finishes, the text below the race will be able to be typed, and the person racing is supposed to begin typing so that they can get to the finish line faster than the other people or bots that are typing along with them. A nitro can be used to skip a word to get farther ahead. Going ten seconds without typing any words will result in disqualification from the race. Upon completion, the race results will be shown and the player will receive rewards. The rewards earned depend on a few different factors. Another race can be entered by either refreshing the page, pressing the "enter" key on the keyboard or clicking the "Race Again" button on the bottom right of the screen.

On October 17, 2021, the new race layout was brought to Nitro Type which does not show opponents' speed, accuracy, or any other aspect except their position and the total time they took to complete the race. The time difference between positions was added with the new layout.

The New Race Layout

Friend race

Friend races are identical to regular races, except they are only reserved for one player and other people invited from their friend list or who join using the player's join link. The maximum number of players that one can invite to a friend race is 4.

Practice race

Practice races were a defunct type of race where, when one entered them, the race would automatically start and they would be given a full text to type (was not shortened relative to their speed). Practice races were completely private as only one player could be in one. There were three achievements that could be earned by doing practice races (Practicer, Practice Makes Perfect, and Lord of the Practice). They were removed with Nitro Type v3.

Race tracks

The Seaside Rally Track

The Heritage Trail track

There used to be several different tracks that were available to race on. They were chosen randomly at the start of each race, except during some Xmaxx and Summer events. During these events, using an event car would change the track to the theme of the event. For instance, during an Xmaxx Event, the track is snowy with tinsel and Hanukkah menorahs in the bleachers. In summer, a beach theme would take over. Other tracks included a desert track, a forest, and a few others, which can all be viewed below. On November 11, 2020, the various different race tracks were removed and replaced with the HD track, complete with a dynamic crowd. The HD track originally only had one track, similar to the grass track below. However, on May 7, 2021, a Seaside Rally track was added, along with accompanying sound effects, like a new crowd and seagull sounds. On October 4, 2021, The Heritage Trail track was released, complete with sound effects and animated leaves.

Forest Track:
Orchard Track.png
Arctic Track:
Snowy Track.png
Beach Track:
Beach Track.png
Alternate Beach Track:
Full Alternate Beach Track.png
Desert Track:
Desert Track.png
Grass Track:
Grassy Track.png
Holiday Track:
Full Holiday Track.png


After racing, cash and rewards are given ranging from $1,760 to $91,205. The amount of money earned depends on the player's final position in the race, whether or not The Wampus was raced and beaten, the wpm of the player racing, what the player's accuracy was in the race, what session race the player was on, how many friends they were racing, whether or not they were a Gold Member, and whether or not they did the race during an event with an event car.

Pro tips

While waiting for racers to join the race, there is a pro tips box at the bottom of the race screen. The pro tips range from basic typing advice to encouraging players to thank their teachers.