Nitro Type Wiki

A car being painted in the Customizer

Cars in Nitro Type can be painted in the Customizer for free. Including the default one, each car has 18 different paint jobs that maintain the color contrasts that were in the original paint job. Because of this, neutral colors (such as black, white, and grey) can be painted to be as visibly different from the original as other colors can. This means that the Shadow XMaxx Tree does not change color upon painting, and is also the only car on Nitro Type that does not change color. Cars used to have 32 different paint jobs before the customizer was released and the number of paint jobs reduced to 18. Some people call the now unobtainable paint jobs "legacy paint jobs".

Painting Examples (starter cars only)

Minnie the Cooper:
Misoux Lion:
Jeepers Rubicorn:


  • Starting on February 22, 2021, cars could be painted for free. Prior to that, cars could be painted for 15% of their buy price.
    • Before being removed, the price of a paint job would alternate between 15% and exactly 14.999999999999999% in the game's code; however, this didn't make much of a difference.
  • Before Nitro Type v3, cars were painted in the Dealership.
  • There was a glitch in Nitro Type with many cars (without the default paint job of red) where if you paint the car a certain hue of red, it results in glitched pink particles appearing all over the car (with varying intensity and patterns depending on the car). This glitch has since been fixed and can only be seen in the small preview of the car in the painting menu of the Customizer.