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Nitro Type v3, or v3, was a site-wide update that occurred on June 5, 2019. Alpha testing for Gold Members started on March 8, 2019, and open beta testing began on May 3, 2019. The updates included a completely new site redesign and a new track.


New Track

In May 2017, Travis announced that there would be a new track. It was said that the graphics of the new track would look cleaner, support larger friend races, and have a different font from the current one. [1]

On August 21, 2019, the new track was opened for testing on the test site. Visually, the new track was updated to match the design of, i.e., the background was made white, and the font was changed from Droid Serif to Courier New. On October 16, 2019, the track was released.

Site Redesign

In addition to the new track, every single page of Nitro Type was redesigned. This was first officially announced in August 2018. [2] In October 2018, there was a news post that showed users what the garage page would look like. This was met with mixed opinions. [3] On March 8, 2019, the new site was released to the public. On June 5, 2019, this new look was pushed to the main site.

On August 30, 2019, the navigation bar and logo were changed altogether on the test site: like the 2.0 design, the navigation bar was separated into individual, adjacent buttons instead of half of them being stuck behind the "My Stuff" drop-down, and the logo was centered on the page with a larger size on top of the buttons rather than right next to them. In addition, a link to the teacher portal appears on every page if the user is not logged in, and a new loading screen was added.


  • 8/28/18: Nitro Type v3 is first announced. [4]
  • 10/31/18: The garage design is first unveiled. [5]
  • 1/15/19: The stats and dealership pages are revealed by Travis on Discord.
  • 2/22/19: Another v3 announcement post is released. [6]
  • 3/8/19: The link to the alpha site is revealed on Discord, and later on on the news. Gold members are able to test (race).
  • 3/24/19: The achievements page is now released, bringing a total of three pages to be accessed (garage, dealership, achievements).
  • 3/25/19: The stats page is released.
  • 4/2/19: The "My Profile" page is released.
  • 4/11/19: The team page is released.
  • 5/1/19: The 2.0 race page is released. This allows a player to race on the V3 site, but the track and people you race against are the same as the 2.0 version. On the following day, trails are released.
  • 5/3/19: SSO support is released, in addition to the signup page being released. Nongold members are now able to access all of v3 (to the same amount a gold member can). However, to signup, you must fill out that you are over the age of 13. Also, friend referral links don't work.
  • 5/8/19: The friends race chat is released.
  • 5/9/19: The friends page is released.
  • 5/16/19: The leaderboards page is released.
  • 5/23/19: The Mystery Box gets a visual update.
  • 5/28/19: A new news post is released calling for people to test on v3. In addition, the page to buy gold is released.
  • 5/31/19: The new NT logo is released.
    New Logo (cursor).gif
  • 6/3/19: The news page is released.
  • 6/5/19: NT v3 is officially released at
  • 7/2/19: The Nitro Type Teacher Portal is released and the option to sign in with Classlink is enabled.
  • 8/21/19: The new track is released at It was introduced in This News Post.
  • 8/30/19: The new interface is released at The tabs used to access different parts of the site are very different. The account settings and logout buttons are also moved to different places.
  • 9/3/19: The 2019 Back 2 School Event is released along with a new navigation bar (which was previously seen on the test site).
  • 10/16/19: A new version of the race track is released (which was previously available at
  • 2/1/20: The site receives a large appearance update to most of the main pages and functions on the site featuring much more animation.
  • 2/6/21: The Shop is added.
  • 2/8/21: Many cars receive v3 designs.