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Nitro Type is a free, real-time competitive typing game created by Austin Butler (TheCorndog) and In Nitro Type, players compete against other players to type texts as quickly as possible. It was launched on September 8, 2011.


Main article: Timeline of Nitro Type history.

Nitro Type logo, 2011-2019.

The beta version of Nitro Type started on September 8, 2011; however, Austin stated that development had been going on for over six months prior to this, and that he had first come up with the idea for the game five years before its release. [1].

The game left beta in late January 2012, and has gone through two revamps/redesigns: one in April 2015, and another in June 2019.


Players compete by racing in cars that advance through the track as the users type passages. Contrary to popular belief, Nitro Type does not teach users how to type, but is instead used to increase WPM and accuracy through consistent practice in a fun and competitive environment. In a race, a player must type the words on the screen. Every race you will have 1 Nitro that can be used to skip words to get further ahead in races. As an incentive to practice, the game rewards users with its in-game currency for completing races, which can be used in the Shop to purchase cars, stickers, titles and/or trails. Additionally, there are hundreds of achievements available that will reward even more cash, cars, titles, and loot upon completion (with difficulty ranging from creating an account to completing 500,000 total races). To keep its content fresh, Nitro Type also hosts seasonal events and seasons that introduce exclusive, limited-time achievements, cars, titles, trails, and stickers.