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Not to be confused with Corsa Error 500, a Season 27 car.

Not to be confused with Corsa Error 503, a car that could be purchased from the Shop.

The current Error 404 page.

The Error 404 screen is a page on Nitro Type that is shown whenever the page a user is looking for can't be found. The page features The Pirc floating in space, along with a 404 stop sign, and text that reads: "Oops! Are you lost, racer? The page you are trying to get to can't be found! You may have taken a wrong turn from the race track because you are now in the 404 Error system." This link redirects to the Error 404 screen. The page was completely redesigned in the v3 update, featuring full animation.


The 2.0 Error 404 page.

  • In Nitro Type 2.0, instead of The Pirc, the Error 404 screen included a picture of the Corsa Mephisto SS, crashed into a stop sign.
  • Going to the pages /worlds, /math, and /challenge each bring up "false" 404 pages, in the sense that even though the Error 404 message is shown, their tab titles say "Switch Your Race World", "Switch Your Math Race League", and "Race Now - 100% Free", respectively, rather than "Page Not Found". However, now, /worlds and /math only display loading screens while /challenge displays the false 404 page.
  • There are two other "error" pages, one being a notice that NitroType does not support your current browser type, and another which appears when NitroType is updating.

Unsupported browser error.

Maintenance update error.